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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Dubai

working in Dubai

Introduction             Dubai known as the ‘Venice of Gulf’ is the chief port and economic Centre of the United Arab Emirates. The praiseworthy growth of the port earned it the name ‘the city of gold’. Dubai is a dream city for the world population to earn money. Like every other nation, working in Dubai also has a positive and negative...

How to Apply for Government Jobs in Dubai?

government jobs in dubai

Introduction Looking for a government jobs in Dubai? If you are interested in serving the bureaucratic strategic positions, then Dubai is the best choice. The government sector jobs of the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai are open to foreign nationals. The federal government and the state government recruit eligible and talented foreign job seekers to various bureaucratic positions. The native...

How to find a job for freshers in Dubai?

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers

Introduction The extravagance and career opportunities in Dubai are always unparalleled for any job seekers. If you want to find a new job in Dubai as a fresher the best way is to keep in touch with the recruiting agency through professional networking. Attend career fairs and keep in touch with hiring managers of leading companies. Learn while searching for...

Is LinkedIn effective in the Dubai job market?

Jobs in Linkedin Dubai

LinkedIn being a platform of the professionals, used by job seekers to find appropriate vacancies. Similarly the platform is used by employers or recruiting agencies to find candidates for specific job roles. The United Arab Emirates is not an exception in this career oriented website! LinkedIn serves as an umbrella for professional requirements in Dubai. The recruiting team often...

How to stay confident while attending an interview in Dubai?

job interview in Dubai

The Oxford dictionary defines confidence as ‘the feeling that you can trust, believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities of somebody or something’. Confidence comes from within, a self motivated employer looks calm and comfortable in the specified job field. The interviewer considers your self- confidence as a parameter. So, practice the mannerisms to attend...


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