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    Qatargas has changed its name to “QatarEnergy LNG”

    QatarEnergy is pleased to announce that Qatargas has changed its name to “QatarEnergy LNG” in an effort to emphasize a future vision for Qatar’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

    The new name and logo will continue to reflect QatarEnergy LNG’s commitment to safety, environmental protection, flawless project delivery and production facility reliability and efficiency.

    This exciting landmark comes as part of the increasing international recognition of Qatar’s role in meeting the world’s growing need for energy, particularly natural gas – the cleanest of all fossil fuels. Furthermore, it demonstrates QatarEnergy’s commitment to LNG as an essential source of energy for decades to come and an important enabler of energy transition for decades to come.

    Qatargas has changed its name to "QatarEnergy LNG"
    Photo Credit QatarEnergy

    The Minister of State for Energy Affairs, the President and CEO of QatarEnergy, and His Excellency Mr. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, commented on the announcement by emphasizing that this transformation is part of a historic shift in Qatar’s energy industry, particularly its LNG industry.

    His Excellency Minister Al-Kaabi lauded the pioneering role Qatargas has undertaken in the past four decades, and said: “Throughout its 39 years of activity, Qatargas has helped embed the State of Qatar on the worldwide LNG map, bolstering Qatar’s standing as a dependable, secure and reputable LNG provider. Nowadays, the ‘QatarEnergy LNG’ is continuing this legacy into the 21st century, providing for a burgeoning need for energy around the world, situating LNG at the forefront of an attainable energy revolution and taking part in securing energy security and abolishing energy deprivation.”

    His Excellency Minister Al-Kaabi remarked that Qatargas has built a highly valued brand over time, and this evolution will only serve to strengthen Qatar’s worldwide presence. This is to provide more benefits for the State of Qatar, its customers and all involved stakeholders. Furthermore, they are showing their faith in LNG being a source of energy for years, making it a top priority when it comes to investments and development initiatives.

    Having concluded his remarks, His Excellency Minister Al-Kaabi said: “We are extremely proud of Qatargas, its people, its legacy and achievements over the past 39 years, and we look forward to a new era under the new name and brand that will lead to new achievements and greater gains for the LNG industry and our stakeholders worldwide.”

    With its size, service and reliability, “QatarEnergy LNG” is a unique global energy operator established in 1984 as Qatargas. In QatarEnergy’s efforts to boost Qatar’s LNG production capacity to 126 million tons per year, it operates 14 LNG production trains.

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