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    Shutdown Jobs In Dubai: Latest Vacancies 2023

    In the fast-paced and dynamic city of Dubai, various industries operate around the clock to meet global demands. Shutdown jobs in dubai, also known as turnaround jobs, play a critical role in maintaining and optimizing the efficiency of these industries. In this article, we will delve into the world of shutdown jobs, exploring their significance, challenges, and the avenues they open for job seekers.

    Job PositionsShutdown Jobs
    Job LocationDubai
    ExperienceFreshers / Experienced
    EducationHigh School/diploma or equivalent 
    SalarySpecified below
    Post Update30th August 2023

    Industries That Require Shutdown Jobs

    Shutdown jobs in Dubai are prevalent across various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing, power generation, and more. These industries rely on intricate machinery and technology, making regular maintenance and shutdowns essential to ensure safety and efficiency.

    Shutdown Jobs In Dubai

    Qualifications and Skills for Shutdown Jobs In Dubai

    To excel in shutdown jobs, professionals need a combination of technical skills, experience, and certifications. Mechanical and electrical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure are crucial attributes.

    Benefits of Pursuing Shutdown Jobs In Dubai

    Engaging in shutdown jobs in Dubai can be financially rewarding due to the specialized skills required. Professionals often find higher pay rates during shutdown projects. Additionally, these roles offer a unique chance to work on diverse projects and expand one’s skill set.

    Shutdown Jobs In Dubai: Future Outlook 2023

    As technology advances, shutdown jobs in dubai are likely to become more specialized. Automation, predictive maintenance, and data-driven approaches may reshape the landscape of shutdown projects, requiring professionals to acquire new skills.

    Shutdown jobs offer a pathway to lucrative opportunities within various industries. While they come with challenges, the potential for career growth, skill enhancement, and financial gain is substantial. Embracing shutdown jobs can lead to a fulfilling and prosperous professional journey.

    How To Apply Shutdown Jobs in Dubai

    Check out the websites of the organizations you are interested in working for. The websites of numerous companies in Dubai frequently post job openings. Find the “Careers” or “Job Opportunities” area to apply for employment and view information about open vacancies. To easy way, here we listed down the latest shutdown jobs in Dubai. Click the View & Apply button.

    Position: Plant Maintenance Technician

    Company: Air Products
    Job Location: Dubai

    Job Description and Qualifications:
    As a Plant Technician, you are responsible for maintaining the equipment in the facility in all PG sites with safety and quality Completing all the documents related to your work. Adherence to management instructions, Duties & Responsibilities.


    Provide day-to-day operation of the plant to support the plant on-stream, production and reliability targets.
    Maintain operation of the plant; Assist in plant equipment mechanical repairs, instrument calibrations, and all kind of electrical troubleshooting.
    Investigate equipment failures, resolve root cause of failure, and recommend appropriate solutions to reduce reoccurrence of/or eliminate cause of failure.
    Maintain an error-free execution. Pay very close attention to details and implement work to the highest possible standard. Apply a Continuous Improvement philosophy to daily work.


    Participate in the basic safety process as a key member of the Site Safety committee and sharing responsibility for the site’s overall safety performance.
    Participate in the planning and execution of minor or major shutdowns. Provide technical and hands- on support as required during shutdowns.
    Follow, update, and maintain Operating procedures to ensure safety and efficiency of the operations.
    Issue safety work permits and perform lock out / tag out of various process equipment. Ensure that all plant safety procedures are followed. Oversee contractors completing field work to ensure work is completed to company standards.
    Demonstrate the ability to read technical drawings, flow sheets, equipment layout, piping, and wiring schematics.
    Prepare job cards, preventive maintenance checklist, function test reports and maintain maintenance history along with all required paperwork. (Knowledge of SAP is plus).
    Assist in writing and completion of Emoc’s, participate in internal/external audits, site walks.
    Help procurement team in getting a quote (any technical info), raise PR in SAP.
    Check and verify Incoming materials, conduct inspection GRN/MIGO reports, collect material Test certificates, report any discrepancies. Assist to keep sufficient stock levels of spares.

    Other requirements:
    High school diploma or equivalency
    Must be able to climb ladders and steps and lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
    As a self-starter who effectively handles their time to identify the necessary tasks and deliver results with minimal supervision.
    Ensure that all tools are organized as per requirements.
    Rotation machines maintenance experience +5 years.
    Cryogenic and Industrial gases maintenance experience +5 years.
    Be able to meet call-in requirements as needed.
    UAE driving license manual.

    Equipment Management Specialist

    Company: ZC Consultant
    Job Location: Dubai

    Job Description:

    Administration of the HV and LV distribution network, connection of customers to the network, management of maintenance, renewal and development of distribution networks:

    Determining technical connection conditions for customers

    • Solving customer requests and suggestions
    • Review and comments on project documentation
    • Acceptance and review of completed work from suppliers
    • Shutdowns of electrical equipment

    Job Requirements:

    Maintenance Engineer Experience
    General required knowledge

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