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How to Apply for Government Jobs in Dubai?



Looking for government jobs in Dubai? If you are interested in serving the bureaucratic strategic positions, then Dubai is the best choice. The government sector jobs of the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai are open to foreign nationals. The federal government and the state government recruit eligible and talented foreign job seekers for various bureaucratic positions. The native citizens are reluctant to work as full-time employees, so, the administrative officials open various job positions to the foreigners.

 government jobs in dubai

How to find Government Jobs in Dubai?

            The Dubai administration follows e-services, so job offers are posted online on a regular basis. So, visiting the specific websites of the departments will help you to find the appropriate jobs. However, several job portals and bloggers constantly update about new or available job opportunities. Check for eligibility, and prepare an application with your resume or CV, cover letter, certificates, and related documents including passport and work visa permit. Within the stipulated deadline apply for the post as specified in the official job portal. Undergo tests or interviews, as per the instructions until receiving the job offer. Job portals offer a filtered search option for picking up a career based on the category, job title, location or demography, and salary package.

Available Government Departments

Various government departments in Dubai offer jobs for foreigners. Following are the few Dubai government departments: Department of Finance, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Directorate General of Civil Defence, Dubai Airport Freezone, Dubai Airports, Dubai Chamber, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Dubai Courts, Dubai Economy, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Exports, Dubai Financial Market, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Dubai Government Human Resources Department,Dubai Government Workshop, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Judicial Institute, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), Dubai Media Incorporated, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Women Establishment, Dubai Police, Dubai Public Prosecution, Dubai Pulse, Dubai Sport Council, Dubai Statistics Center, General Directorate of residence and Foreigners Affairs, Islamic Affairs And Charitable Activities Department, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Land Department, Protocol Department, Roads and Transport Authority, Supreme Council of Energy , The Executive Council and The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. However, there are several general and federal departments, which recruit foreign nationals as employees.

Why foreigners?

It is true that the Dubai nationals are not interested in government jobs as regular employees. But the lack of educational level turns out to be the main reason behind this opportunity. The necessary educational level ensures the quality of bureaucratic administration, so the government chooses non-native job seekers for government jobs in Dubai. To add further, the digitalization of administration known as e-government and e-filing systems or E-Systems can be handled only by an expert. So, the administrators consider technically expert foreign employees as an efficient choice. Though native citizens are prioritized in every job position, the hierarchical positions are opened to potential foreign job seekers. If you want to be a government employee in Dubai, then check out the following criteria and tips!

Benefits of Government Jobs in Dubai

Following are the benefits of becoming a government employee

  • Salary: Government jobs in Dubai guarantee reasonable and pocket-friendly amounts as the salary. The salary provided in the government sector is always higher than that of the private sector. However, the natives are given a higher patent with various advantages than that of the foreign employees.
  • Fixed salary on time: Dubai Government job salary is fixed with gradual incentives. It will be credited into the bank accounts, every month, without delays. In the private sector, the wages are tentative and are based on the profit of the company. However, the federal and state government of Gulf nations supports their employees by raising their pay gradually.
  • Bonus: As per the criteria bonuses or allowances for various needs are provided by the government. Regular employment of fixed time is an added advantage. There are holidays for regular government employees. And there are annual leaves to visit the family in the homeland.
  • Job Security: You can work without caring about being fired the next moment! Yes, government jobs in Dubai are secure without layoffs.
  • Retirement and medical benefits: Post-retirement benefits are given to government employees. The Government employees are at an advantage since the medical expenditures of the employee and family are covered by the government.
 government jobs in dubai


Apply directly from the government job portals of Dubai, and do not rely on third-party websites while applying for a career. Keep updated about Dubai Government Jobs by following the official or visiting dailygulfjob.com for constant updates. Always remember government jobs in Dubai are very attractive in remuneration and other subsidiary benefits, but it comes with a great responsibility for several lives. While applying for a particular job position, be qualified and stay confident. It is an added advantage to stay in the UAE as a resident while applying for the position. Apply, attend, and prove yourself before the government, and with your technical expertise and skill level, get hired as a government professional in Dubai.

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