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How to stay confident while attending an interview in Dubai?


The Oxford dictionary defines confidence as ‘the feeling that you can trust, believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities of somebody or something’. Confidence comes from within, a self motivated employer looks calm and comfortable in the specified job field. The interviewer considers your self- confidence as a parameter. So, practice the mannerisms to attend a job interview in Dubai to strengthen the professionalism and self confidence.

Preparing the interview sessions at a closed room like a rehearsal, which will calm the nervousness of attending an interview. The natural apprehensiveness of a new environment and facing an interview persists, but it can be controlled this way. The level of confidence will entrust the employer that you are capable of handling the job requirements. Thus, with trialing the interview sessions, demonstrate your best skill levels while attending an interview in Dubai. When facing an official job interview or a walk-in interview in Dubai you can show your self-confidence level by focusing on the following factors:

job interview in Dubai

1. Body language

How you present matters in every walk of life. Your body size or shape doesn’t imply your capability. But how you behave really matters in a job interview. Body language is a non verbal communication method, wherein your interviewer analyses you as the first expression. Be presentable and formal when you attend a job interview in Dubai. The body posture and gestures at the venue and during the interview affects the results. Stammering, inappropriate usage of hand and fingers, shaking legs and holding cloth or wrist watch are considered as bad gestures. Avoid such physical movements and interact in the appropriate formal way. Make sure that you:

  • Stand or sit in a straight position.
  • Hands should be visible to the interviewer and not inside pockets or bags.
  • Slightly leaning towards the interviewer will create a positive impact.
  • Keep your legs straight on the ground and never tap or shake them.
  • Sit as per the position of the recruiter.

Make sure that you are well dressed while following the formal etiquette in behaviour and interactions. It will boost your confidence level while attending a recruitment drive in the UAE.

2. Eye contact

Eye contact is the key requirement in any form of communication. When you attend a recruitment in the United Arab Emirates, make sure that you keep direct eye contact with the interviewer or recruiting team members. Proper eye contact implicit self- confidence. Direct eye contact shouldn’t be staring or offend the interviewer. Intermittent eye contact naturally comforts the interview session. Assertion of your words is done through your eyes. This indirect and nonverbal communicative method impresses the recruitment team. Remember, eyes are the best conveyors of message!

3. Emotional control

Emotional control implies the fact that you are not tense, offensive or defensive in tone or action. The panic tone in the voice affects the interview. Never verbally or physically harm the interviewer. Don’t talk in a loud or soft voice, which represents your emotional condition while attending an interview in Dubai. The interviewer might test your emotional condition by raising questions like ‘what do you think about your younger self?’, ‘why should we choose you and not someone else?’ ‘is it possible to have work-life balance?’ or can raise situational questions that will provoke you! Then, remember, it’s just an interview and the interviewer will test both your strengths and weaknesses. A rehearsal session will help you to act naturally and your answer will be precise and neutral. Avoid extreme emotions and hide excitement, disappointment, displeasure, aggression and over energetic behaviour. Control sadness or irritation that affects your posture, facial expressions, eyes and voice, while attending the interview in the UAE and answer and behave with confidence.

job interview in Dubai

4. Calmness

Listen to the interviewer carefully and think before you speak! Staying positive will impress the recruiter and it increases the chances of being recruited for the job. Take rest and have a sound sleep which will make you feel fresh and undisturbed. Thus, you can arrive early in the venue and with proper breathing you can maintain your composure. It will make your recruiter understand your self-confidence.

Always approach the interviewer with a smile. When you are provoked by the recruiter make sure that your counter argument is polite and mature. Eating proper food and having a good sleep before the interview will help you in balancing your mood and temper. Read through the resume and avoid making mistakes, which might affect the employment interview in Dubai.

5. Pre-planning and Research

Research about the organisation in advance and prepare for the most probable questions asked in the UAE interviews. Prior knowledge and basic rehearsal of probable or most asked questions will help you abundantly in raising the confidence level. When you are asked the questions that are pre-planned, you can confidently answer them. Checkout the following facts before attempting an interview in Dubai:

  • Learn about the meaning of the company name.
  • Identify the tagline and the vision and mission of the company.
  • Understand the motto of the company.
  • Comprehend the organisational structure.
  • Have a basic idea of the job roles.
job interview in Dubai

6. Ready with questions

Get prepared with a set of questions based on your research. This will impress the interviewer and raise them if there is an appropriate opportunity to ask. Make sure every question should be politely raised without creating a negative impact. This set of questions should be based on the company and job roles. Such pre-planning will equip you to confidently face the interviewer.

7. Requirements of an interview

To boost your confidence, remember not to miss any documents! You may be rejected, or put on a waiting list if you fail to submit the necessary documents. Missing documents will make you uncomfortable and drain your confidence level. Carry the following documents:

  • Multiple copies of updated resume
  • Notepad and pen
  • Identity card in original
  • References and work experience
  • Original certificates and it’s copy
  • Visa and passport (on certain cases)
  • Passport size photos
  • Salary slip of three to six months (in case of experienced employees)

Highlight your strengths and subtly cover your weaknesses. Being honest is a significant factor while attending the interview. Irrespective of the result, smile and thank the interviewer. Make sure that you greet and interact with them in a positive way with natural smiles. Following these tips will boost your confidence level. Rejection is not personal and it just means a new path ahead of you! So be confident and get hired in the upcoming job interview in Dubai.

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