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Is LinkedIn effective in the Dubai job market?


LinkedIn being a platform of the professionals, used by job seekers to find appropriate vacancies. Similarly the platform is used by employers or recruiting agencies to find candidates for specific job roles. The United Arab Emirates is not an exception in this career oriented website! LinkedIn serves as an umbrella for professional requirements in Dubai. The recruiting team often relies on LinkedIn profiles and chooses the talented skill workers for every designation. The website enables job customization for each user and it builds up a professional networking system. LinkedIn Premium service, which is a paid version enhances the ease of usage, especially for Dubai job seekers.

The premium service offers exclusive access to profile views, total number of job applicants for a particular position and the profile ranking in comparison to other applicants. LinkedIn was established in 2003 as the best professional online platform that enables the job seekers to upload their CV’s. It also helps the recruiters to announce the new job vacancies to the professionals. To get the attention of the recruiters, applicants should complete their professional profile.

Jobs in Linkedin Dubai

LinkedIn profile and Keyword Search

The recruiters use professional Keywords to find the appropriate candidates. Make sure you don’t stuff your profile merely with keywords! In order to seek the attention of the recruiters, consider using popular and leading industrial words in the sections like about, education, career position, skills, career break experience and self introduction video section. In the recommendation section add features, license’s and certifications, courses and other significant recommendations to grab the attention of the Dubai recruiters.

Always include volunteer experiences, causes and organizational experience, which reassures your genuineness. The publication details, patent information, project experience, honors and awards, test scores of exams, linguistic command and the contact information are added advantages for the Dubai professionals. In the ‘Intro’ section add your professional name, additional name and surname including honorary titles. LinkedIn also enables the “Add name pronunciation” section in order to avoid misspelt names. It is an exclusive service to record your name that eliminates language barriers. Always keep in mind that the keywords should make sense!

LinkedIn profile and personal introduction

Alongside the name, LinkedIn provides customised gender pronouns wherein a user can choose “She/ Her”, “He/ Him”, “They/ Them” and a section of “Custom” for personalisation. The “Headline” and “Education” sections can be updated with the ‘Add’ menu. “Industry” section asks for your professional experience and LinkedIn asks for Location including ‘nation’ and ‘city’, as precise locations. By providing the phone number and its type (home, work and mobile) LinkedIn helps the recruiters and job seekers to communicate in the appropriate time. Giving your personal address and date of birth (DOB) will reassert your identity. Add your website information  and instant messaging information to attract the recruiters of Dubai to your portfolio.

Finding your Jobs!

Set an alert to your jobs by activating notification and find your job in Dubai. “Follow” the companies you like to be recruited to receive their updates, also follow people you may know to increase your networking circle. Check the analytics of profile viewers often. In the resource section LinkedIn allows its users to activate creator mode other than helping you to access your personal networks. Add demographic information and in the resource section you can view your activities and you can view the bookmarked sections in “My items”. Find your exclusive position on your desired organization in Dubai through LinkedIn.

When you find a job in Dubai, build your relationships through networking. Dubai is the worker’s paradise, since the land is a blend of different cultures. Through this networking system the job seekers of Dubai can directly approach the hiring managers, industrial leaders and human resource recruiting agents. You can invite them for a quick meeting in Dubai and share your expertise. However an account in LinkedIn doesn’t imply a new opportunity! It is dependent on your socializing and technical skills and your profile value. But for Dubai job hunters LinkedIn became a support and an added advantage to get hiring information and for professional knowledge and socialized professional networking.

Jobs in Linkedin Dubai

Location Matters

If you are in Dubai or moving to the United Arab Emirates soon, then change your demographic location to Dubai. Add your Dubai contact information including telephone number. Use a professional email address and always avoid email addresses that are casual or nonprofessional. Change your best looking professional LinkedIn profile picture to standout in the Dubai job market. The employers will check out the potential employee’s location to optimise the workload. Nearer the employer, chances of getting hired in Dubai are high! It will reduce travel expenses, time taken for travelling and the employees can easily arrive at the company, in emergencies.

LinkedIn Resources

To develop a professional career in Dubai LinkedIn offers online courses, webinars and articles. It will help the job seekers to stay updated on the modern industrial trend and aids in understanding the new industrial and professional practices. Linked in is used by the renowned international brands to project their products, services and to transmit their corporate values. LinkedIn helps the companies to publish articles and whitepapers making them as the leaders of the industrial network. By engaging followers and participating in professional discussions LinkedIn is an industrial partner of many reputed companies located in Dubai.

LinkedIn is used by the sales professionals to find new leads, research prospects and to find potential customers through Navigator’s Tool. In the digital marketing field this professional network system promotes tourism and promotes product value. The advertising options promote brand value and thus, the professional job seekers of Dubai will get a chance to be recruited by such established companies. The brands and professionals are valued on this networking professional platform and it increases brand value and the candidates become experts.


Dubai is the largest growing business community and thus the country requires skilled professionals. LinkedIn creates valuable opportunities for job seekers. It helps the candidates to research the company profile. The recruiter’s tool makes it easier for the recruiters to choose and connect the potential employees. LinkedIn in the long run builds a bond between the  individuals of the same industry. This professional networking system, thus helps the candidates to add skill oriented certifications to their profiles. To add further, the users become experts or at least they acquire skill based knowledge. Use LinkedIn as a professional networking platform and be the top employee in the eyes of your next recruiter in Dubai. Wishing you good luck!

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