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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Dubai



            Dubai known as the ‘Venice of Gulf’ is the chief port and economic Centre of the United Arab Emirates. The praiseworthy growth of the port earned it the name ‘the city of gold’. Dubai is a dream city for the world population to earn money. Like every other nation, working in Dubai also has a positive and negative side. This article lists a few of them. After reading this, you can decide whether to work or not in the Gulf countries, especially Dubai.

The Reasons/ Advantages of Working in Dubai

Dubai, being the richest country in the world, has advantages and disadvantages while considering the condition of the working class. This magical city captures every culture and technological advancement with its cultural receptivity. The twelve Advantages of working in Dubai are as follows,

working in Dubai
  1. Tax Laws: Dubai has no income tax regulations, so, whatever you earn as your income is all yours.
  2. Easy Money transfer: The money you want to transfer to your native account or to your kith and kins doesn’t have income tax restraints. The transaction fee varies from agency to agency and thus choose the bank with the minimum transaction charge.
  3. Passport: You can have your passport with yourself. All you should take care of is that you should have a permit to stay in Dubai.
  4. Visa Process: Unlike other developed nations, the Dubai visa process is simple and hassle free. It is easier to take your dependent family with an easier visa process.
  5. Expense: If you are going to stay alone in Dubai, the incurred expenses for rent, petrol, car water, electricity, phone, internet, food and groceries are affordable. Subsequently, if staying with dependents, then the overall expense can be tallied accordingly.
  6. The Food/ culinary varieties: Dubai gives you all options of food from the native cuisine to a wide range of international options. At affordable rates food varieties are served on your plates.
  7. Accomodation and Cars: It is convenient to find 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Dubai. With the petroleum supply directly from the desert land, Dubai is ideal for owning a car. The preowned or new SUVs and sports cars are trendy in Dubai.
  8. Schooling and Language: Dubai provides one of the best international standards of education. Dubai offers curricula of many countries including India and Pakistan. The presence of international citizens enables Dubai to have a multilingual efficiency. Thus, by breaking the language barriers Dubai accommodates the international citizens.
  9. Dressing: The sartorial freedom in Dubai is unparallelled compared to its Gulf counterparts. Dubai welcomes modern and traditional; western or eastern dressing style.
  10. Leisure/ Entertainment Activities: Dubai strictly monitors the use of narcotics. However, the nightlife in Dubai is elegant. Alcohol and wines are served in clubs, hotels and restaurants. From desert safari to beaches, the city is one of the best residential buildings in the world. With reputed shopping centres and off days on fridays and saturdays Dubai gives you personal time amidst your tight schedule.
  11. Infrastructural Facilities: With the best infrastructural facilities, Dubai has one of the best public transportation systems. Carpooling and metro services in the city of skyscrapers increases efficiency through proper tie management.
  12. Security: Dubai with its strictest rules is the safest city in the world. The city ensures women’s safety, irrespective of the time. So female employees or dependents can shop or have a walk at morning or night without being intimidated by the time constraints.

Challenges of working in Dubai

working in Dubai

Dubai jobs often attract more workers, but the extreme climate condition and physical hazards backlashes many workers. However, it is natural that every positive side has a negative side too. So, lets see the disadvantages and challenges of working in Dubai,

  1. Fines: Littering and spitting are crimes in Dubai. The Dubai government is keen on implementing rules to regulate the law of the land.
  2. Fast and expensive: The most modern technology and infrastructure made the competitive workforce faster and expensive. The prolonged stay with dependents will cause financial loss.
  3. Tight contract rules: you cannot leave the company, unless your contract expires.
  4. Time: Despite the 8 hours work contract, you might be forced to work for longer hours to meet the targets.
  5. Penalised: you will be penalised for any errors or weaker performance. Thus, you are under the mercy of your employer.
  6. Weather: The extreme climate makes it miserable, especially when there are no air conditioners.


            In a law abiding nation like the United Arab Emirates, it is not surprising to see such strict laws. Despite such challenges, Dubai is one of the best options to work, especially for those people who are from underdeveloped or developing countries. This article intends to give an overall idea about the working conditions of the United Arab Emirates. To get updates on Dubai jobs visit www.dailygulfjob.com.

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