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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) Jobs in Abu Dhabi | Careers in 2023


First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is not just a financial institution; it’s an integral part of Abu Dhabi’s identity and progress. This article delves into the world of FAB job opportunities in Abu Dhabi, offering an insight into the bank’s history, its commitment to its workforce, and the exceptional career prospects it provides.

About First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

Founded in 2017, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates and one of the world’s largest financial institutions. It was formed through the merger of First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi, resulting in a banking powerhouse that is deeply rooted in the region’s history and committed to its future.

FAB plays a pivotal role in supporting the economic growth and financial stability of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. It serves as a trusted partner to governments, institutions, and individuals, providing a comprehensive range of financial services and solutions.

Job Opportunities at FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank)

FAB is more than a bank; it’s an employer of choice for individuals seeking a fulfilling career. The bank offers a diverse range of job opportunities in various departments, from finance and customer service to technology and marketing. Joining the FAB team means becoming part of a dynamic and innovative workforce.

Working at FAB comes with numerous benefits, including competitive compensation, professional growth, and the opportunity to make a real impact on the banking industry. The bank values its employees and provides a supportive and inclusive working environment.

First Abu Dhabi Bank FAB Jobs

How to Apply for FAB Jobs

Are you interested in pursuing a career at FAB? The application process is straightforward. You can the below listed FAB job vacancies click on View & Apply the website will navigate to the careers section, where you’ll find a suitable job for you. It’s essential to review the job descriptions carefully and tailor your application to match the specific requirements.

To increase your chances of success, consider highlighting your relevant skills and experiences in your application. FAB places a strong emphasis on aligning with its core values and goals, so make sure your application reflects this.

Qualifications and Skills

FAB looks for candidates who are not only qualified but also possess the skills and attributes that align with the bank’s mission. While specific qualifications may vary depending on the job, certain skills are highly valued, such as adaptability, teamwork, problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence.

If you find a job that resonates with your qualifications and skills, you’re on the right track to joining the FAB family.

Working Environment at FAB

Working at FAB is more than just a job; it’s a fulfilling experience. The bank fosters a culture of inclusivity and diversity, promoting an environment where employees can thrive personally and professionally.

Don’t just take our word for it; here are some testimonials from FAB employees:

  • “FAB provides the ideal platform to grow and learn. It’s more than a workplace; it’s a community.”
  • “The diversity at FAB is incredible. It’s refreshing to work with people from all walks of life.”
  • “The work-life balance at FAB is excellent. I feel valued as an employee, and my well-being is a top priority.”

Careers in FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank)

FAB is committed to nurturing talent and providing ample opportunities for career growth. The bank invests in its employees through training and development programs, helping them reach their full potential. Many FAB success stories involve individuals who began their careers at the bank and grew into leadership positions.

Salary and Benefits

FAB offers competitive compensation packages to its employees, ensuring that their hard work and dedication are rewarded. In addition to a competitive salary, employees enjoy various benefits, including healthcare, retirement plans, and performance-based incentives. The bank also promotes a healthy work-life balance, recognizing that well-being is essential to success.

Latest Job Vacancies at First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

Executive Director- Privilege Client GroupAbu DhabiView & Apply
Director- Privilege Client GroupAbu DhabiView & Apply
Executive Director – Product DevelopmentAbu DhabiView & Apply
Head of Digital Onboarding- AcquisitionAbu DhabiView & Apply
Relationship Manager- Employee BankingAbu DhabiView & Apply
Mortgage Advisor- Direct SalesAbu DhabiView & Apply
Head of Governance & Policy Implementation Abu DhabiView & Apply
Executive Director- Loan AgencyAbu DhabiView & Apply
Manager- Govt. Solutions Sales SupportAbu DhabiView & Apply
Show more jobsAbu DhabiView & Apply
Relationship Manager- Employee BankingDubaiView & Apply
Manager- GCOO Projects & PartnershipsDubaiView & Apply
Administration Officer- Global Banking Covrg.DubaiView & Apply
Specialist- Wealth & BancassuranceDubaiView & Apply
Relationship Manager- Employee BankingDubaiView & Apply
Manager- Contracting (UAE Nationals Only)DubaiView & Apply
Manager- Coverage – Commercial Banking DubaiView & Apply
Relationship OfficerDubaiView & Apply
Business Development Officer DubaiView & Apply

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