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Tips and tricks on self – introducing in a job interview


Every interview is a new experience and self introduction “is the act of introducing yourselves to someone”. The pattern and format of every recruiting agency differs in the United Arab Emirates. The interviewers, setting and question pattern undergoes tremendous changes. However, self introduction turns out to be the only section that remains constant in every interview conducted in Dubai and across the world. To get yourself hired you should impress the recruiter by confidently and smartly answering the question, “Ok, so tell me about your self” or “introduce your self”.  You might feel it as a normal or an easier question but that marks the first impression on your recruiter. In this article lets see an answer for this obvious question.

self introduction

Tips of answering this question

            Of course, the interviewers in Gulf aren’t interested in your personal life updates, so be formal in answering this question. The interviewer actually wants to comfort you and judge your communication skills. Look into the eyes of the interviewer and answer confidently, on your educational background and your professional experience. Always remember with your CV the interviewer might not arrive at a question, so, the answer to this question will decide the following question patterns. Remember what you spoke and avoid unrelated areas of expertise. Make sure that you use an updated resume and emphasize on the details that are mentioned in the CV.  Provide a covering letter and recommendation, if any, alongside the evidence of work experience.

Avoid and emphasize relevant information

            Avoid slang words, unfavourable phrases and never get panicked or over excited. Don’t say “hmmm….”, “So…” and “My name is…” instead start with “I am” or “Myself”. Explain your educational qualification, professional experience in the field, noteworthy achievements or awards, your potential by showing your uniqueness from other candidates and your interest in the specific position in the company.

Follow a pattern in introducing your self from the first qualification to last

Answers should be structured in an order while you attend a job interview in Dubai. You should explain about your educational qualifications in chronological order. Then add your working experience and your skills, alongside your achievements. These are the past actions, then explain your present or the current position. At last, tell the employer about your future plans, especially explain why you are interested in the particular job role. You can talk about schooling, if necessary, however your degree, diploma, certifications and project experiences should be highlighted when you introduce your self introduction to an employer.

Tricks on answering Self-introductory questions

            Taking care of certain things when you attend Dubai interviews. Following are the significant things you should take care of, while answering the question. Remember the followings tricks and it will certainly help you to crack the interview:

  1. Answer professionally: Use formal language and answer in an audible but gentle voice.
  2. Be Precise: explain about your significant educational qualifications by making it a brief self introduction. Wrap your conversation when you find the employer in a distracted state.
  3. Do Demo sessions: practise it in front of the mirror or seek the help of a friend or a family member. Don’t memorise the answer because you might forget at the time of interview.
  4. Understand the interviewer and pattern: understand whom you are talking to. It is normal that each recruiter expects different types of people with varying answering patterns. Understand the requirement from the question pattern and answer appropriately.
self introduction

Steps to follow:

When you face a recruiting team or interviewer make sure that you are presentable. Wear formal and comfortable dress in a neat manner. Avoid colloquial language and use professional language. Whenever you speak make sure that you are talking about something that can be easily associated with the work.

  1. Greet the recruiter
  2. Introduce yourself with full name
  3. Educational qualifications in chronological order with institutional address
  4. Project details of professional or academic front
  5. Professional experience as mentioned in the CV
  6. Personal details, which are necessary and are essentially positive for the job position

When you introduce yourself make sure that you talk about your hobbies and area of interest and it should be convincing. But in a way it should be associated with our professional requirements. Also do detailed research on the organisation and if possible, analyse about the interests of the recruiter. Everything you say should be focused on the overall growth of the company along with your personal interests.


            Always be precise on your self introductions because the recruiters will expect precise and accurate answers. It will reduce the risk of cross questions. Self introductions should be formal in nature. The self introduction should point towards the future by ensuring your dedication towards the company. If you are a fresher, emphasize on your adaptability.  Follow the time limit and introduce yourself accordingly. So, try mock trials in advance with a mirror or with your support system and crack your next interview in Dubai or anywhere in the world.

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